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Warden Message – Consolidated Guidance (February 2, 2011)
February 2, 2011

This Message contains guidance for U.S. Citizens that has previously been issued in our Travel Alert of January 28, 2011 and our Country-Specific Information Sheet for Tunisia. Please review them in-full. This information is repeated here for emphasis and clarity.

The Tunisian government has imposed a 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. curfew for the greater Tunis metropolitan area until further notice. The U.S. Department of State urges adherence to the curfew. The U.S. Department of State also advises U.S. citizens currently in Tunisia to defer non-essential movement and travel, and to exercise caution. The Tunisian government provided these telephone numbers for persons to call in an emergency: 80101111, 71 335 000, and 197. Please be advised that not all operators staffing these lines can speak English.

The unrest that had spread to Tunis and all major cities has diminished and public order in several areas and cities has returned; however, spontaneous and unpredictable events continue to occur. While demonstrations have not been directed toward Westerners, U.S. citizens are urged to remain alert to local security developments and to be vigilant regarding their personal security. The U.S. Department of State strongly urges U.S. citizens to avoid all demonstrations, as even peaceful ones can quickly become unruly and a foreigner could become a target of harassment or worse

The current state of law and order is improving with the resolution of the labor action by a portion of the Tunisian police. However, the potential for criminal activity exists. Please review the section of our Country-Specific Information Sheet on crime, as well as some useful tips for traveling safely abroad. There is nobody better at protecting you than yourself.

Any suspicious incidents or problems that you encounter should be reported immediately to Tunisian authorities and to the U.S. Embassy. The Embassy is located in the Les Berges du Lac suburb of Tunis. The Embassy telephone number is 216 71 107 000 and the Embassy fax number is 216 71 963 263. The Consular section can also be contacted by email at

U.S. citizens in Tunisia are encouraged to enroll in the Smart Travelers Enrollment Program (STEP) at the following website: By enrolling, U.S. citizens make it easier for the Embassy to contact them in case of emergency.